Sent to dwell
In a world familiar, to which
We were born, yet no longer belong
Commissioned (sent together), unalone
Citizens loyal
Knowing to whom
This world, our world,

Sent to know
To learn the ways of Love
Needs practice: to love, to fail, to forgive,
To love again. And again.
Needs a safe school, in which to be hurt
And healed, to build muscle
-Memory in a heart long

Sent to love
To display the maker’s
Own stamp on his creation,
The image in his temple
The unlovely, the unable, visibly
And knowingly loved,
Valued, trusted, and

Sent to trust
Freed from fear
Of loss, to allow the other
(Intoxicating power) to
Dare, to exercise freedom,
Initiative – as sheep among wolves
Outdated, their only power to

Sent to live
Truly alive, for everyone else,
Manna from heaven, in a world
Still afraid of death, bound, desperate,
To this life, to belonging, to building
Memories, achievements
Hounded by

Sent to work
To yield fruit that will last,
For a future age,
Whether seen now or no –
Watered by the spirit of
That day to come, flavoured thence
And lit from within, a sign and

Sent to glimpse
To ponder, contemplate
Art is to appreciate the artist
Is to converse with them, to
Imagine, to invent
With them in their terms
Their deeds, their loves, their


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