O just Arbiter
Of unjust contentions,

Teach us nations thy coming
Ways of peace
And peace-making,
Of pruning-hooks
And ploughshares.

We are tired of studying bitterness 
Of perfecting envy
And learning war 
For our lands, our egos, 
our people 

We need your call to leave
Safety, depart from prejudice 
To follow strange paths
With stranger people
Together looking forward 

To a city all can delight in,
With foundations That abide:
Faith, hope, love for the
Despised, desired, 
the feared alike

Teach us to forget our
Petty plans,
To unlearn grievance 
And entitlement;
To wake up

To power as sober service,
Honour as restraining only ourselves,
Freedom as gratitude,
Joy as lavish encouragement 
And delight in the Other’s lasting good

As prosperity itself.


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