O Way
Of holiness, that leads
Us through the sin-scorched
Desert lands, from
Our here and now
To what will surely be –

A road beset
By jackals, lions, ravenous
Beasts of shame, of
Sorrow, painful truths
And hostile reckonings,
A lonely road, through
Hostile scenes, scorched,
Upon which withered way
We fear to tread –

But now, a watered lane,
Flooded by Calvary springs
And Spirit streams,
Blossom-bedecked and radiant
With reeds, an inland delta
In perpetuity, where prey
Herds skip, and swim, and
Gambol unafraid, while the predators,
Vindictive, go hungry, where
Sorrow and sighing (terrified by
Joy) flee away:

Come, rise for us, and guide our
Foolish paces on your
Sure-foot way, the patient way,
On which already we have seen
Compassion and mercy
Show themselves …
Waiting, as for the earth’s precious
Fruit, for the early and late rains,
For the glory of Lebanon,
The majesty of Carmel and Sharon:

For the road is the city,
Is the garden, is the meeting
In the cool of the day.


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