A light …
For revelation, to gentiles’
Blindfold minds (aliens
From the Maker’s conversation,
Mere guests, eavesdropping
Heaven’s testimony,
Become stupid, stunted,
Stumbling through a world
Unseen, unguessed):
A rumour, a witness-word,
Of good news dawning
Within the ‘fold,
A door of perception
Ajar to heaven’s image
Upon the waters upon the face
Of one last Jewish Messiah.

A light …
For glory, to Israel,
The old and barren people,
First-believing resident sons:
The gift, the puzzled glory
Of a fruitful womb,
Of children carried home,
Of younger brothers
Who live once more,
Of deliverance from enemies
Now become friends:
Children of promise,
Your inheritance Spirit-sealed
Until you and yours rise
Together, to worship One
As one, without fear.


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