Come away, my child,
Away from your public face,
From editing your soul for
Social consumption, easy
Digestion; the hope
Of acceptance.

Let us walk awhile,
You and I, together,
On the cloud-cloaked
Mount, the unknowing
Belonging, the place
Of pasture,

Where you may be
Fed with the sweetness
Of my love – remember
It? This is our time,
To sing the joys
Of forgiveness,

And forgiving, of
Life on purpose, solid
Ground from which
To turn, and run,
And think not back,
Of ifs or buts,

Knowing the lives
Outside, beyond our bliss
Are too lovely, broken,
The social status quo
Too void, to think
Of ploughing

On without some
Time of rest, apart,
Forgetting, re-living,
Just us, dear child,
Together awhile –
And this is it.

“He is full ready, and doth but abide thee.”
The Cloud of Unknowing


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