[an exercise in Latin grammar and word association]

“…And be grateful.” (Colossians 1.15)

Be full of gratitude.
Let thanksgiving become
Your direction, your goal,
Your object (however indirect).
For grateful is gracious, is
Pleasing, welcome and precious
Always, everywhere.
Aware of all that is gifted
Gratis, the gracious themselves
Are a free gift to all
Around them, receiving
Freely, of grace, of breath,
Responding freely, graciously,
Making (from that breath)
Thanks abound for all
To hear, to enjoy (freely),
To smile, to shine, to live.

“Thanksgiving is truly the first and essential act of man, the act by which he fulfils himself as a man. The one who gives thanks is no longer a slave; there is no fear, no anxiety, no envy in adoration. Rending thanks to God, one becomes free again, free in relation to God, free in relation to the world.”

Alexander Schmemann


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