Bound, chained
To reality, this name,
This life, alive to this work,
This moment, these people:
Settled, known, content;
One All in All.
Focussed, undistracted
By potentials, strivings,
By the many maybes
And what-ifs; doing
All and only that which
In us is.

Bound, held,
Together, as jewels
By invisible links:
Powers and goods
Inseparable, communal,
Neither compared nor
One self, one society:
Integrity the gift
Of a common
Core that is none
Of us.

Bound, borne,
By a friendly wind
Toward a distant port
On an unseen shore,
That is ourselves
But better.
Led by the spirit-
Glimpsed name of home,
Scribed in a tongue
In which we ourselves
Are only beginning
To be writ.

Above all these [virtues], possess love, which is the chain of perfection.
Colossians 3:14



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