Carried, borne across,
Shifted, Passed Over – what?
The death-defined dimensions
From ‘here’ to ‘there’,
From earth to heaven,
Barren and void to
Green brimming paradise?
Or the Red Seas between
Bondage and Promise,
Compulsion and trust,
Graveclothes and Gardener?
Or transposed from one
Key of meaning to another,
Minor to major,
Babble to gospel,
Deceit’s dominion to
Love’s gentle rule?

Or is this passage,
Perhaps, a voyage
Not in space but in time,
Taken together with
All that’s made, not
As is, but as-might-be,
Will be: the distance between
Finished and beginning
Dreaming and becoming,
Vow and consummation;
Between the first thought
And the first step
On the pilgrim road
From empty to purpose-full;
Participating, receiving
Tastes and thirsting still,
Appetite whetted, restored:

Sacramentally, this life
Reveals its meaning.


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