Come, Holy Future,
And fall on us, we pray.
Make us, acquainted with decay
In our deeds, our homes
Our fields, our bones
To see this rust,
Accumulated crust

To know (and love)
The Life revealed
Beneath, beyond;
Life of the Age of the
River and the Trees
Of the City with gates
Unclosed, knowing neither
Darkness nor fear.

To be witnesses today
Of the things to come,
To live the light
That lights the thoughts
And deeds of all,
To gather at the table
Where every morsel,
Every sip,

Every guest, is full
Of the Living Life
That cannot die again,
Nor be diminished
In the sharing;
To offer together
The ages’ Thankyou
For all we never made
Nor earned,

To say with the Spirit
And the Bride, “Come.”
For then, now, is Today
Our home.


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