How can I love you?
Your face, your smells
Repel me. Your arrogance
And foolishness appal me.

Your hate and anger grate
On my ears, crush my
Spirit, bring ruin to all
I hope and believe in.

Neither you, nor any
Other, even notice –
Let alone give thanks –
For what I say

And what I do,
Is as water in a gutter,
My energies frittered
By your slothful needs.

How can I love you?
With what measure
Can I give my heart,
My flesh, my years,

When all we have in
Common is this life,
This clay (with faded
Potter’s fingerprints

So blurred and stained)
Yet infinitely, tenderly
Crafted, held, called –
Destined as almost-gods?

The light of the world,
Precious beyond belief,
Hidden (so very well)
Below both our skins?

How then can I live, a ‘life’
Darked by your veiled
Holiness, in ignorance
Of your potential,

Bereft the truth, the life
your beloved heart
Might shine on mine,
On ours, on all?


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