Cleanse the thoughts of our hearts
By the inspiration of your Holy Spirit…

For the filth of fear clings close,
Closer than our skins, ingrained
Within our every thought and word
And deed. The deep suspicion that
We, unloved, are on our own, that
Heaven should be feared, Earth fought,
And neighbours held at bay, by
Distrust’s defences, or coddling control.

Pour in, then, detergent-like, the
Beloved’s sturdy calm. Prise loose this filth
From hands and hearts, tight-gripping
And tight-gripped. Scrub loose the crust
That cakes, binds, moulds our very selves;
Reveal the us beneath, however frail or small!
Though at the price of pasts regretted,
To another(‘s) future, call.

For surely love comes easier
For those who know they’re loved;
Giving up and giving out, when
All you’ve got’s not all you’ll have?
When all the ifs and buts and maybes
Are silenced by the run,
The shameless Father’s warm embrace,
Whatever they’ll do, have done?


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