Soak Our Souls

Cleanse the thoughts of our hearts By the inspiration of your Holy Spirit... For the filth of fear clings close, Closer than our skins, ingrained Within our every thought and word And deed. The deep suspicion that We, unloved, are on our own, that Heaven should be feared, Earth fought, And neighbours held at bay,…Read more Soak Our Souls


Independence Day (the morning after)

Free at last, free at last... Free from others' control, injustice: unbound From their games, their stupid rules used To reduce, reject, exclude. Free, flown the nest, stretching wings Made to be stretched; parents' hopes Fulfilled in our new world. Free, ourselves, adrift, horizons empty, Our new creation reflecting only Our own voices, choices; void.…Read more Independence Day (the morning after)

Hidden Treasures

Hands up, you precious coins Stuffed down the side Of sofas. Hands up, you buried Talents, wasted, wasting Away, Awaiting the light of Day, a hand up, a hand Out Of this, your enforced Idleness, forgotten Cages. What price discovering the pearl That is this human resource, Treasure Beyond compare, worth The sale of all…Read more Hidden Treasures

Time is greater than space

"A constant tension exists between fullness and limitation. Fullness evokes the desire for complete possession, while limitation is a wall set before us. Broadly speaking, "time" has to do with fullness as an expression of the horizon which constantly opens before us, while each individual moment has to do with limitation as an expression of…Read more Time is greater than space